Welcome to Mini Game
A community driven Token deployed on the Binance smart chain network.

About Mini Game

Minigame is a community driven Token deployed on the Binance smart chain network. This project is currently run by a safe Chinese team and other partners around the world who are keenly interested to develop a world class gamefi project.

Our major work here is to ensure the safety of the investors and partners of the project by implementing a community driven gamefi launchpad. Minigame is a Metaverse game incubator platform on the Binance smartchain network, which would be equivalent to the well-known Steam, and is benchmarked against YOOSHI token. The team is under works to release the first game which is expected to be launched in late December.

Community Driven

It need to be highlighted that the Minigame is completely a community driven project. Currently there are no single entities controlling the project. The ownership of the contract has been renounced by the actual developer and has been offered the community to further nurture it.

The above status is what makes this project actually stand out. A similar start like Shiba Inu token...!!

The team behind the token are the community mods who took Shibazilla from 100k market cap to 58 million post actual Dev of ShibaZilla abandoned the project. However, since the developer hasn’t renounced the ownership and with an unlocked LP pool, the community could only do little to maintain the progress for that project.

Now, since the ownership is renounced for the Minigame token, the community can confidently work on the development activities to deliver a world class gamefi ecosystem.



This tax is deducted on buys only and will be used to promote the project.


This tax is deducted on all sells to allow the appreciation of the tokens in value as more tokens are burnt with every sell transaction.


This tax is deducted on all sells and will be distributed to all holder proportional to tokens held.

Total supply: 1 000 000 000 000 000 000
Supply Burned: 75.92%
Ownership renounced


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